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The Creative Engagement Group rebrands its Forty1 business in North America

Forty1, the employee engagement division of The Creative Engagement Group (TCEG), is bringing together its UK and North American businesses under one name, with a new logo; a bold, new identity; and a new combined Forty1 website.

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Communicating in a new world of work

For communicators inside organisations, the pandemic represented a many-faceted challenge. There was a huge increase in operational communications. A shift to digital channels. And an uptick in leadership communications. All put huge pressure on communicators.

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Reflections on 18 months of pandemic curveballs

Jobs provide self-esteem, purpose, satisfaction, and a social network. For employees, the pandemic had an impact on all these. Add in the steep learning curve as we all came to grips with new ways of working and serving customers. And the social justice conversations and activism of 2020. For communicators, it's been quite a ride since March 2020.

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Will hybrid working spell the end for employer broadcast channels?

The funny thing is, when we sent everyone home in March 2020, we knew that our environmental channels were dead to us. But we all assumed digital would be an easy answer to all our employer-comms prayers. Box checked.

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Employees Are Our Customers Too

Remember: Employees Are Our Customers Too

Tight deadlines, heavy workloads, structural changes, financial security, health and safety concerns – these are just a few of the many challenges employees face today. In the new norm where we are bombarded with a constant stream of business and personal demands, effective communication is key to ensuring a workforce that is ready and able to sustain themselves, their families, and the business for the long haul. But how do we do that? We need to think of our employees as we do our external customers, because in reality, employees are our internal customers – the foundational talent who will help us meet our critical business goals.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is an adage that resonates with me on a personal level. As a visual learner, and someone who is dyslexic and dyspraxic, I navigate many things through imagery and visuals. Photography plays an important role in how we perceive the world around us. The media has used photography to influence and portray what is considered ‘normal’, defining what representation should be. On the whole, we see visually appealing, white, (binary) gendered people, but is this really representing the world we live and work in? For me, this is where many campaigns and brand identities fall short – the ‘thousand words’ their photography screams are that of tokenism and misrepresentation. Their choice of photography often feels like a tick-box exercise.

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Are We All Replaceable?

Recently I watched a video of the US leader of a Pharma client of ours, where he shared the best advice he was ever given. He mentioned “treating employees like customers,” and how it changed his approach to leading and managing his teams.

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Is it time to reimagine wellbeing in the workplace?

Most organisations would probably agree that business has largely accepted the need to bring ‘wellbeing’ into the core of what they do. Once seen as peripheral, soft, or ‘fluffy’, the pandemic has made us begin to reconsider its centrality to core business activity. But to bring about lasting, meaningful change and to ensure it’s seen as fundamental – we’ll need to relook at existing perceptions, challenge them, and envisage the impact of this reimagining of a wellbeing 2.0.

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: What Pokémon can teach us about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Whilst it’s true that we hear about diversity, equity and inclusion often, do organisations really understand what these terms mean? These words are often interchangeable with many different variations. That’s fine, but only if organisations can clearly express what each term means to them with clear communicated definitions. It’s great to start off with the fundamental meaning of each term but they need to be explored further with leadership teams and employees to make them unique to their organisation.

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