Let's create change that sticks

Let’s create change that sticks

In this report, seven of our experts on the frontline of change in the world’s leading healthcare organisations share their advice on engaging employees. The experts cover a range of specialisms, including: employee engagement; behavioural science; change communications; and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Change is coming at people in healthcare organisations from every direction – technologies, expectations, structures, and working patterns. The cultural and individual challenges are immense. The human and organisational stakes are high. In this report, we share concise perspectives from seven experts on how to engage, excite, and empower employees more effectively. The topics include:

  1. Embracing a new era of enhanced virtual employee listening 
    Hillary Brown, Senior Engagement Consultant & Research Lead
  2. Elevating science to really help people change their ways
    Guy Champniss, Behavioural Science Unit Lead
  3. Bringing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into the change mainstream
    Luke Matthew Iversen, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  4. Amplifying your purpose to create the energy for change
    Jason Frank, Senior Employee Engagement Consultant
  5. Keeping your people engaged in a hybrid world
    Kristen Erickson, Principal Engagement Consultant & Vice President
  6. Equipping leaders and manage to be the culture enablers you need them to be
    Elizabeth Bryant, Senior Employee Engagement Consultant
  7. Embedding a change mindset to propel your workforce
    Carol Feinberg, VP, Change Communications & Engagement Consultant

Download Forty1's change that sticks report here http://info.forty1.com/healthcare_change_that_sticks_forty1 

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