It's time to change the way we change

It's time to change the way we change

We gathered change and communications professionals from around the world and asked them to share insights and experiences so we could explore how, together, we can change the way we change, for the better. 

In a one-hour focus group, we created a psychologically safe space to uncover:

  • What makes a change initiative succeed or fail?
  • What are the essential ingredients to make change that sticks?
  • How can we create change people want to be part of?

We believe it’s time to change the way we change – for our businesses, our people and ourselves.

Using input from the focus group, plus our own research and expertise, we have identified these 3 priorities to help organisations deliver lasting and impactful change:

  1. Put people at the centre of change
  2. Use data to drive effective decision making
  3. Elevate your communications with creativity

This report will explore each of these priorities, offering expert tips and actionable solutions along the way. 

Download Forty1's it's time to change the way we change reports here:

US Report
UK Report

We’re here to help you change the way you change.

If you would like more information on leading change using our scientific approach to behaviour and data, coupled with our expertise on people engagement and change communications, contact Carol Feinberg or Lottie Neal at Forty1's Change Centre of Excellence

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