Heart & Science - A recipe for better employee engagement results

@The Employee Engagement Summit | 19th April 2023, London

Together on the Employee Engagement Summit main stage, senior Forty1 consultants Liz Bryant, Jason Frank and Behavioural Scientist, Dr. Guy Champniss, explore and demonstrate why the impact of what we do is more important than ever before; and how we can harness Behavioural Science to maximise our impact and minimise our risks. 

They will also provide five research-driven priorities to help Employee Communications and Engagement leaders enhance the impact of employee communications and engagement in your organisation.


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NEW - Assess your organisation’s performance in minutes

With Forty1's newly launched Employee Communications Assessment Tool, you can access expert insights into how you can enhance your organisation’s employee communications and engagement performance – in just 5 minutes.

By completing a series of simple questions across five-employee engagement focus areas, the tool will generate a personalised spider diagram that indicates your strengths and areas for improvement.

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Sentiment - the most important metric for employee comms effectiveness

The Sentiment Monitor is Forty1’s new, annual cross-sector study in partnership with YouGov that looks beyond the usual ‘click and read’ metrics to investigate how employee communications really make people feel, and identifies priorities to help leaders communicate more effectively.

Because by positively influencing employee sentiment, we can create the behaviours organisations need to change, compete and grow more successfully in 2023 and beyond.

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