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Putting behavioural science to work to better understand why organisations do and don’t successfully change.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed around the fifth century BC that change is the only constant in life. Fast-forward 2,500 years and change certainly appears constant within organisations. Yet, we remain less-than-brilliant at instigating, managing and delivering this critical change. The vast majority of change programmes stumble, and not for lack of budget. Instead, the challenge typically lies in not effectively bringing along our employees on the journey. This is ironic since we are – as a species – excellent at adapting to new environments.

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Elevate science to really help people to change their ways

“In the fast-changing world of healthcare there’s never been a greater need for
employees to adapt their behaviour, enabling them to work in new ways, learn new skills, and have new types of conversations. With the stakes so high and the margin for error so small we need a more science-based and data-driven approach to engaging
and empowering healthcare employees to change and excel.”

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