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Making it easy for great performers to boomerang back

Boomerang employees – people who return to a previous employer – are a valuable part of the talent landscape. LinkedIn estimates that 4.5% of employees have returned to a previous employer, and 40% of employees have said they’d consider a boomerang move. It’s only a decade ago that HR teams widely reported ‘no rehire’ policies, but this has changed dramatically, and now 76% of HR professionals are open to hiring a boomerang employee (Raveendra et al., 2021).

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Communicating in a new world of work

For communicators inside organisations, the pandemic represented a many-faceted challenge. There was a huge increase in operational communications. A shift to digital channels. And an uptick in leadership communications. All put huge pressure on communicators.

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Reflections on 18 months of pandemic curveballs

Jobs provide self-esteem, purpose, satisfaction, and a social network. For employees, the pandemic had an impact on all these. Add in the steep learning curve as we all came to grips with new ways of working and serving customers. And the social justice conversations and activism of 2020. For communicators, it's been quite a ride since March 2020.

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Will hybrid working spell the end for employer broadcast channels?

The funny thing is, when we sent everyone home in March 2020, we knew that our environmental channels were dead to us. But we all assumed digital would be an easy answer to all our employer-comms prayers. Box checked.

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